Thursday, December 21, 2006


I know this isn't funny like I meant this blog to be so excuse the emotions and just think for a second. I was biking home tonight just half an hour ago actually and at the intersection past the library, I think it's 2nd and Hennipen, I saw The bag O'chips guy. At work we always see this old back guy with a big gray goatee walking around with a bag of chips. Well I stopped on my bike gave him a five banger and talked with him for awhile. His name is Sylvester, and I think each shift I might give him some cash a dollar here and there in exchange for some conversation. I kind of want to know how people in this country end up homeless he showed me some card that I think said he was a vet ran or some sort of thing. It wasn't a drivers license. But I figure the least I can do is throw him a dollar here and there, maybe ask him what his favorite food is? or buy him a month long bus pass for 20 bucks or something. I felt real awkward talking to him though, but I hope it will get better in time, I always see in movies people befriending homeless guys. For instance "with honers" a joe pesicie film, or "fisher king" with robin williams. and I figure why can't I be Sylvester's friend? I mean doesn't he deserve friends? Or if he doesn't deserve them should at least find out why not right?

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charliejon said...

Remember it is a good thinfg to help people out, but it might turn into something like Down and Out in Beverly Hills!