Monday, December 18, 2006

one is the loneliest number that will ever be

I suppose someone has to kick this off. tonight i had the luxury of being alone to watch the night life of downtown for 2 hours.

if you're not happy with your place in life. don't take it out in a semantic rant against people in the service industry. i don't care what your life is like, i just want you to get your car out of my fuckin' way. oh and beyond that, if you don't like what you've made yourself into, change it.

as i was dozing off two homeless women started having a crying argument. someone really must have deceived the other one. not just the i stole your piece of cardboard to sleep on tonight type of shit. like i'm sorry i'm pregnant with your fathers child type of argument. the tone in their voices was something right out of jerry springer. crying and almost to the point of fisticuffs then a little bit of gracious forgiving and right back into the catty name calling and more crying. half an hour of this and no even mild resolution. just two angry friends walking away from each other. it's like little kids arguing with their siblings. where you go back and forth with things that the other person has done to you, always trying to best them because you would win the fight if they hurt you more. then you could tell mom and dad and the other one would get in trouble. nothing solved. you just wanted to make them feel bad.

sorry this one's so lame just figure now we have room to grow.

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