Saturday, January 6, 2007

Valet Key

Last night we saw a man biking along the roan the wrong way on a 10 speed mountain bike trailing him at his side was a thing of luggage on wheels. It was almost as weird as the night where men were walking around with Macy's Santa Bears 2006 edition. Andrew bought two for 10, they were probably hot and thier fur coated with a fine dust of crack cocaine . Also a man may have been too drunk to tell us about his security system, as we said his battery is dead, he stared dumbly untill his Girlfriend reminded him of his situation. as well as a woman who keeps using her Valet Key even though she know it sometimes doesn't work. SO instead of throwing it away and getting a new one she just waits till it giver her trouble and then tells us we should try her regular key that she has in her purse.
Genius these people pure intellect.

New Years Eve.
Snow splashing like a Movie, so angry you almost wish someone would point and laugh to massage away the frustration. Kitten Balling, it's what kittens do to balls of yarn, or if your into kinky foreplay it's what gets done to male testicles. live it and love it.

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